Glossary of Maxliner technology


For over 20 years, MaxlinerTM has been synonymous with the qualities of durability, workmanship and dependability. MaxlinerTM is a registered trademark of Vandapac Company Limited for the bedliner, originated since 1990. Today, MaxlinerTM has become a legendary and the most recognized name for truck bed protection in Thailand around the world.


All zinc material SUPERLOCKTM, the first of its kind, function as fastener and tie-down. Compatible with internal rail bedliner only.
Nylon 6 LockTM

Engineered plastic fastener and tie-down.

A standard plastic fixation to secure bedliner to truck bed without the need to drill the truck bed.
U-Clip lock

Rubber extrusion profile to install at the tailgate liner.

Maxtop was introduced to the market as the world first luxury composite hardtop/canopy.
Maxtop not only functional and visually appealing, it is tested to be strong and technically compatible with Maxliner.
Maxtop is made from advance engineered ABS plastic with full metal frame inside the shell, as its safety features.

ABS-Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene

Common thermoplastic used to make light, rigid, molded shell of canopy with the temperature resistance from -30°C to 80°C.
Standard Canopy

Canopy is used for commercial purpose. Come with solid side with no side windows.
Full Option Canopy

Canopy equipped with side windows, lighting system and many luxurious features.
Stylish Canopy

Top of the range in the Maxtop lineup. Fully equip with all luxury features.
Max-GTTM is the registered trademark of car styling product from Vandapac. First premier in Bangkok InternationalMotor show in 2009, Max-GTTM is specifically designed to be visually attractive and aggressive. It is also inherited exceptional workmanship from Maxliner.
Chemical Glossary


High Density Polyethelene (HDPE) is the engineered plastic resin used to produce bedliner by means of extrusion and forming.

ABS is the plastic material used to produce several kinds of products mainly painted color coded accessories.

Tonneau Cover

Smooth and light weighted ABS plastic with the enhance aerodynamics used to cover the truck bed for your cargo container and prevention.

Sticker (Logo) plate adhered on the side of canopy.
Floor Mat

Front and back interior flooring made of low density polyethylene to prevent any dirt and water to maintain the interior cleanliness and beauty.

Interior flooring at the back hood made of low density polyethylene for cargo's strength and cleanliness.
Bumper Guard

Black engineered polyethylene bumper with no-drilled and easy installation kits.
Front Bumper Guard

Engineered and Coloured ABS bumper with no-drilled and easy installation kits.